What we do?

+services list

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  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Detect-Correct-Protect packages
  • Wired/Wireless Networking for residential and small businesses
  • Web-Site hosting and design ideas
  • Server Setup and Maintenance contracts
  • Data Recovery / Data Transfer to a device
  • TV setup / Audio configuration
  • On-site repairs available as well as in-store drop off
  • Software and Hardware installations
  • Diagnostics and basic troubleshooting
  • Computer Education Classes! and much, much more...

+services overview

Diagnostics: Hardware and Software diagnostic tests. These tests include 4 different hard drive tests, ram, motherboard, processor, video, audio and a physical inspection inside the PC.

Spyware/Virus removal: Pc running slow? Are you getting random pop-ups while trying to do work on your computer? Bring it to us! We can have you back and running within 24 hours guaranteed!

Data Backup/Recovery: We have tools to recover your data from failing hard drives and also transfer all your data from your old pc to your new one. Bring your data in for a free quote today!

***Detect, Correct and Protect packages: This is a bundled package that allows us to diagnose your problems, correct your issues and install virus/spyware protection to prevent these issues from happening again. This bundle is discounted for you to get the best and total solution for your computing needs!

Hardware install: We can install hard drives, motherboards, memory, modems, video cards, printers and much, much more!
Software installations and configurations: This service is for any type of software you may need on your pc. Common examples are microsoft office, virus protection, photoshop, quickbooks...
Wired or wireless network setups in residential homes and small businesses. We will setup Lans/Wans and guarantee next day installation. We can configure and secure your wired or wireless network to keep intruders out. One of the most threatening things out there is neighbors using your wireless internet to download torrents or shared files. Dont become a victim of this! Call us today...
Priority service guarantee for completion of your computer by 5pm on the same business day! Computer must be brought in by no later than 12pm on the same day for this service.

Server setup/Maintenance: We offer a wide variety of options for clients in their small businesses from setting up new servers - mapping drives to unlimited pcs to web hosting at unbeatable rates and service. By choosing us it will be done next day no matter how big or small the job and done right the first time. We will educate the user before leaving.


Remote Support is offered to anyone that needs instant repairs. All you need is a highspeed internet connection.