Ctrl + Alt + Repair runs a full and thorough hardware and software diagnostics on every machine. We will find out exactly what the problem is the first time and recommend the appropriate repairs for each unique situation. After the problem is diagnosed we will run our tools to correct the issue and give you tips on being proactive for future occurrences.


Every computer leaves this shop with active virus / spyware protection and utilities to keep your computer clean and running at its best. We also recommend different data backup solutions to fit your needs and your budget from cloud services to raid configurations to external hard drives to NAS drives. We do it all!


After the appropriate repairs and protection is complete, we offer severaloptions based on your particular computers needs from memory, solid state drives, faster wifi adapters and even software upgrades to keep your computer running at its best all year round.



Thank you for visiting Ctrl+Alt+Repairs website. On this site you will find out about our company, what we stand for and why we came to Milford.

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Latest News

Microsoft phone scam. Don't fall for it! People are calling homes and businesses claiming they are from Microsoft and trick you into thinking your computer is having issues. They will try and remotely access your computer, take your money and actually make your computer worse. Please call us today if this happens to you!

Why Us?

They're are a lot of computer companies around in the area so why us? Ctrl+Alt+Repair not only has over 13 years of computer repair experience but speaks in a language that everyone can understand. We do not take your money, fix your computer and leave you wondering what happened. Our team will take the time to repair your computer, go the extra step in ensuring the same thing doesn't happen again and take time and explain what and why the problem occurred. You will leave our office extremely satisfied everytime knowing your computer was repaired right the first time at a reasonable price.

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Popular Services

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Data backup / Data recovery services off bad hard drives
  • Networking setups wired and wireless Wan / Lan
  • Server Setup and Maintenance
  • Website design and graphics (divine imaging and design)
  • Computer maintenance and tune-ups
  • All types of hardware repairs / screen replacements / upgrades